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How to choose the large format flex banner

How to choose the large format flex banner

How to choose the large format flex banner

Flex banner is composed of PVC material and knitted fiber polyester, which has the characteristics of good flexibility, uniform light transmission, easy segmentation, splicing and shipping, simple outdoor installation, etc. Especially suitable for digital painting. According to outdoor requirements, flex banner has the character of waterproof, mildew resistance, flame retardant, cold and heat resistance, UV resistance and so on. Because of the strong typhoon resistance of the flex banner, it is especially suitable for making large outdoor advertising signboards. At present, 95% of the Chinese market large-scale advertising banners are flex banner. 

Classification of flex banner: 

the flex banner is divided into three types according to the light transmittance and the position of the light source: the backlit flex banner, the front lit flex banner and the mesh cloth. 

The backlit flex banner is used to make light box with the transmittance between 25% and 35%. This kind of light box is medium and small, it is used to make roadside light box, shop door light box and indoor propaganda light box. The application area is small, does not exceed 100 square meters. 

The front lit flex banner is used to make the front light source light box, and its transmittance is between 5% and 10%. This kind of flex banner is used to make large format outdoor light box advertising, such as building billboard, freeway light box, city Optimus Prime light box, because it is more resistant to typhoon. At present in China between 100 square meters-400 square meters of large outdoor light box adopt this kind of flex banner. 

The mesh is designed and manufactured according to typhoon climate areas such as Taiwan, Fujian and other typhoon climate area. Because of the dense arrangement of many mesh holes in this kind of material, the wind can penetrate the light cloth surface, thus greatly reducing the pressure on the light box caused by the typhoon. So that the outdoor pictures keep a longer time. Because of this feature, mesh cloth is used to make super-large sign advertisement and building advertisement. Coca Cola successfully produced a picture of more than 8000 square meters in Shanghai with this kind of light cloth, while Germans created a "aspirin" advertisement, a total area of more than 20000 square meters, is also using this kind of material.