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Crossing cold lamination film
Crossing cold lamination film Crossing cold lamination film Crossing cold lamination film Crossing cold lamination film Crossing cold lamination film

Crossing cold lamination film

Product ID : RLC05
Product Attributes :

High quality crossing cold lamination film is consisted of transparent PVC face film with crossing texture+solvent pressure sensitive adhesive+white release paper with grid. The PVC material is soft and flexible, with good tractility. The solvent glue quality is stable and with no overflow under most environment conditions.

1.crossing cold lamination film will enhance the sterio feeling of the graphics and create a classic effect.

2.Competitive and stable price.

3.Wide usage both indoor and outdoor.

Product Description
80um transparent PVC film+100gsm release paper
0.914m/1.07m/1.27m/1.37/1.52m x 50m or customized       
Glue color
Carton box
Shelf lifespan        
Up to 1 year at 20°C and relative humidity of 50%
Up to 1 year


1.Good brightness with different texture,can create different special effects.

2.Cover on photos, books, magazine, catalogs, promotional materials to protect pictures from water/moisture/dirty/ultraviolet and enhance stereo feeling.

3.Good durability. It works well under different enviroment circumstances

4.Indoor or Outdoor advertisement as protection film.

5.Wedding photograph, protect the cover of photo album.

Main Advantage:

1. Environment Protection. We have advanced & environmental-friendly system.

2.Good service. We treat clients as friends. We have good pre-sale service and after-sale service, you have our assistance any time you need. We have various of products for selection and we keep a close eye on market trend.

3. Good quality.We have strict quality control system. Good reputation in the market

4. Reasonable price. Our products have high ratio of performance and price.

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